Innovation Management System

The national Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) has identified innovation as a critical element of success in helping U.S. manufacturers thrive now and into the future. As the designated MEP center for central New York, TDO has launched new programs developed and tested nationally to help manufacturers expand product and service offerings, markets and customer bases.

TDO’s services for Innovation Management Systems include:

  • Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI) read »
  • Innovation Engineering Jump Start Program read »
  • Innovation Engineering Black Belt training read »
  • Customized Consulting and Coaching read »

Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI) 
IELI teaches executives the fundamentals of leading innovation, along with tools and techniques for idea generation, decision making, problem solving and sales forecasting models.  

The Innovation Engineering System accelerates a continuous flow of innovations - big and small to address your departmentʼs, divisionʼs & companyʼs Very Important Problems & Opportunities. Major innovation projects have a dramatic impact on sales and profits.  Minor projects help transform the culture. Itʼs a four-stage process of Define, Discover, Develop and Deliver.  It integrates painlessly with classic project management systems such as Compression Planning, Stage-Gate, Design for 6 Sigma or Hoshin Planning.

This 2 ½ day program is offered at various locations throughout the country.  It is led by Doug Hall, famed inventor and founder of Eureka! Ranch.

Innovation Engineering Jump Start Program 
A Jump Start project can help you accelerate existing and new ideas for more profitable customers, markets, products and services. Projects include a planning meeting with your team, a one-day “Create” session which will generate 20 to 50 new ideas (defined on paper) and 30 days of weekly coaching sessions to accelerate two ideas.

Innovation Engineering Black Belt training 
Develop your in-house capabilities by training internal experts in the advanced tool and methods to facilitate and lead innovation.  MEP trained Innovation Black Belts are also available to facilitate the Innovation Engineering process and events.

Customized Consulting and Coaching 
TDO Growth Coaches and MEP trained Innovation black belts can guide your team through the innovation process by coaching your managers and team leaders, facilitating events and supporting the innovation process.  You can define the consulting to center around a specific innovation project or the consultant can help guide your company through the implementation of the Innovation Management System.


The ExportNY International Business Academy helps businesses strategically expand global markets while mitigating risks. New session starts soon!

SBIR/STTR Grant Assistance

Learn if SBIR and STTR are a good fit for funding your research and technology commercialization.

TWI Institute

TDO’s TWI Institute provides education, training, materials, implementation guidance and connections to TWI practitioners and leaders in industry and business.

Africa Business Program

Syracuse University and TDO work together to facilitate partnerships between businesses in CNY and Africa.

Green Belt Training: Lean Six Sigma and Problem Solving

Learn how to apply Lean Six Sigma using the DMAIC process improvement framework. New class starts soon!

SMED -Quick Changeover

Transform your set-up team into a NASCAR pit-crew! Schedule today

Implementing TWI: Creating and Managing a Skills-Based Culture

Shingo award-winning authors Bob Wrona and Pat Graupp release their second book on Training Within Industry (TWI).

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