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Understanding and Trouble Shooting Variable Frequency Drives

Friday, December 07, 2018

Are you or your staff responsible to keep equipment running that relies on VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) or “ inverters”? When that motor doesn’t spin like it’s supposed to, do you scratch your head and wish you knew just a little more about how VFDs work. Join us for a session facilitated by TDO Senior Project Manager Scott Laundry, an electrical engineer who has been working with and troubleshooting VFD’s for over 25 years. You will leave understanding major components of a VFD, how they convert from AC power to DC and back to AC, and the difference between “Open loop”, “ Open loop vector” and “Closed loop vector” control and typical applications for each. The session will also cover basics of troubleshooting, and how multi-meters, oscilloscopes can be used to aid troubleshooting.

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